How To Propagate Hindu Rope: An Easy Step-By-Step Guide


The Hindu Rope plant (Hoya carnosa compacta) is a beautiful and unique houseplant native to Asia. Its leaves are thick, waxy, and curled tightly together, giving it a rope-like appearance. Propagating the Hindu Rope plant can be an exciting project for any plant lover. It involves taking cuttings from the parent plant and growing them into new plants.

The Best Time to Propagate:

The best time to propagate the Hindu Rope Plant is during spring or summer when the parent plant is actively growing. During this period, there’s plenty of growth hormone in the stem that aids in root development.

Steps on How to Propagate:

Here’s a step-by-step guide on how you can propagate your Hindu Rope Plant:

1) Locate Healthy Parent Plants: The first step towards propagating your Hoya Carnosa Compacta is identifying healthy parent plants from which you will obtain cuttings.

2) Prepare Your Tools: Get yourself some sharp cutting tools like pruning shears or scissors that are clean and sterilized with rubbing alcohol.

3) Cut Stem Tips: Cut off 4-6 inches long stem tips just below where there’s an active leaf node. Make sure each cutting has at least one leaf node intact as these nodes will develop roots when placed in water or soil.

4) Optional Step – Dip Cutting Tips in Rooting Hormone Powder: If you have rooting hormone powder available, dip your cuttings’ bottom end into it before planting them in water/soil mix.

5) Place Your Cuttings In Water Or Soil Mix: Next, place your freshly cut stems either directly into well-draining potting soil or put them into clear glass jars filled with fresh tap water

6) Keep Them Hydrated And Moistured: To avoid drying out when exposed to sunlight, cover your jar of water with a plastic bag or place your pot of soil cuttings into a clear plastic bag. This will act as an ideal greenhouse environment and keep the cutting hydrated for root development.

7) Wait For Roots To Develop: Within three to four weeks, you should start seeing some roots emerging from one or more leaf nodes on each stem cutting.

8) Transplant Your Cuttings Into Pots: After about six weeks, your Hoya Carnosa Compacta stems will have developed enough roots to be transplanted into individual pots filled with well-draining soil mixtures.

Caring for Your Propagated Hindu Rope Plant:

Once your cuttings are planted in their new pots, it’s essential to maintain proper care conditions such as:

1) Watering – Watering once a week is recommended, ensuring that the soil is evenly moist but never overly wet.

2) Humidity – These plants love humidity; therefore it’s advisable to mist them every few days or use a humidifier close by for consistent moisture environments

3) Light Requirements – The Hindu Rope plant thrives in bright indirect light. Place them near windowsills receiving morning sun and filtered light throughout the day can increase their growth rate.


Propagating a Hindu Rope plant isn’t rocket science; however, patience and effort are required for successful propagation. With these steps outlined above, anyone can propagate their beautiful Hoya Carnosa Compacta houseplant easily! Happy propagating!