Propagating Lady Banks Rose: A Step-By-Step Guide To Growing More Roses

Lady Banks Rose is a beautiful and delicate plant that can be easily propagated in your garden. It has long been known for its lovely yellow, pink, or white flowers that bloom during the spring season. If you are looking to add this stunning plant to your garden but do not want to spend too much on buying new plants, propagating Lady Banks Rose is a perfect option.

In this blog post, we will take you through everything you need to know about propagating Lady Banks Roses.

What You Need

Before starting the propagation process of lady banks rose, there are some things that you need:

1. Pruning shears
2. Rooting hormone
3. Organic soil mix
4. Small containers (plastic/glass)
5. Water

When Should You Propagate?

The best time to propagate Lady Banks Rose is late winter or early spring when the plants start producing new growth again after being dormant throughout winter.

How To Propagate Lady Bank Rose Stems

The easiest way to propagate lady banks rose is through stem cuttings.

Step 1: Choose Your Cuttings

Choose stems from healthy mother plants with no signs of disease or pests; generally three-four inches long stems should suffice for propagation purposes.

Step 2: Prepare The Cuttings

Using pruning shears make a clean cut at an angle just below a leaf node on each cutting while ensuring they remain moist until they are placed into rooting hormone powder/mixture- this will help root development once planted into organic soil as it promotes growth hormones within the plant cells themselves!

Step 3: Dip In Rooting Hormone Powder/Mixture

Dip each cutting into rooting hormone powder/mixture and ensure complete coverage before tapping off any excess material using a gentle shake motion over container/plate/bowl so that only light dusting remains on cutting- remember only enough amount needed for proper roots formation!

Step 4: Plant The Cuttings Into The Soil

After preparing the cuttings, plant them into small containers filled with an organic soil mix. Make sure the soil is moist but not too wet.

Step 5: Keep Them Moist

Place your freshly propagated Lady Banks Rose in a location that receives partial sunlight and keep it moist throughout its growth period by watering every few days or whenever the topsoil feels dry to touch.


Propagating Lady Banks Rose is easy and can be done without any professional help. Stem cuttings are a great way to propagate this beautiful plant – just follow the steps mentioned above, and you’ll have yourself some lovely new plants in no time! Remember always to keep your newly propagated lady banks rose well watered for optimal growth results!