How To Propagate A Lilac Bush: Step-By-Step Guide For Success

Lilac bushes are beloved for their beautiful, fragrant flowers and overall hardiness. If you have a lilac bush that you love, one way to expand your collection is through propagation. Propagation can be done through cuttings or by digging up an established plant and dividing it into smaller ones. In this blog post, we will go over the steps on how to propagate a lilac bush.

When To Propagate Lilac Bushes

The best time to propagate lilacs is in early spring before they start showing signs of new growth. This is usually around March or April depending on where you live. It’s important not to try propagating during the growing season as this could damage the plant.

How To Propagate Lilac Bushes Through Cuttings

Propagating from cuttings is one of the easiest ways to increase your lilac collection.
1. The first step is choosing a healthy branch with no signs of disease or insect damage.
2. Next, cut off a 6-8 inch section of the branch at a 45-degree angle.
3. Remove all leaves except for two or three at the very top.
4.Immediately dip the cutting in rooting hormone powder and then shake off any excess powder.
5.Put it in potting soil mixed with perlite and sand (this will help promote drainage)
6.Mist it until water runs out from underneath (make sure not to overwater)
7.Cover with plastic wrap but make sure there are holes so air can circulate
8.Place in indirect sunlight

It’s important that you keep your cutting moist but not too wet otherwise it may rot before having a chance to root into its new home.

How To Propagate By Division

The second method for propagating lilacs is by division which involves removing part of an existing plant and transplanting it elsewhere.
1. The first step is digging up an established lilac bush and dividing it into smaller plants.
2. To do this, dig a circle around the plant with your shovel about twice as wide as the root ball.
3.Carefully lift out the root ball and gently shake off any excess soil
4.Divide the roots using a sharp knife or pruning shears, making sure each section has several healthy shoots
5.Replant each division in its own hole at least 6 feet apart from other plants


Propagating lilac bushes can be a fun way to expand your collection while also keeping them healthy for years to come! Whether you’re propagating through cuttings or by dividing an existing plant, remember that creating new plants takes patience and care. Make sure to choose a healthy stem or branch when taking cuttings and divide during appropriate times of year to ensure maximum success rates when planting them back into their new homes.