How To Propagate Lipstick Plant: Step-by-Step Guide For Beginners

What is a Lipstick Plant?

The lipstick plant (Aeschynanthus radicans) is an evergreen, trailing houseplant native to the tropical regions of Southeast Asia. As its name implies, it has stunning tubular flowers that look like tiny tubes of lipstick! They come in shades of red, purple and orange and last for weeks at a time when properly cared for. The leaves are glossy green with white veining throughout, making this plant especially attractive both in flower or not. It grows well indoors in bright indirect light and prefers high humidity levels.

Propagation Basics

Propagating plants can be intimidating but with some patience and knowledge it’s actually quite easy to do! Propagating your own lipstick plant gives you more plants to admire or share with friends or family. With proper care, you should have plenty of little new cuttings ready after just a few months’ time! Here are some tips on how to propagate your own lipstick plant:

Step 1: Prepare Cuttings

First off, gather up some healthy stem cuttings from your existing lipstick plant using sharp scissors or pruners. Each cutting should be about 4-6 inches long with two sets of leaves near the top; make sure there are no buds present as this will inhibit rooting ability later on down the road. Remove any excess foliage from these cuttings before putting them aside until needed again shortly thereafter.

Step 2: Potting Soil & Watering

Next up is potting soil preparation – use a lightweight sandy soil mix specifically formulated for container gardens like African violets or succulents! Fill each small planter halfway full then lightly water so everything gets evenly dampened throughout – don’t forget that too much moisture can lead to root rot however so keep an eye out here if things seem overly wet/damp going forward into step three…

Now comes the fun part – carefully insert each cutting into its respective potting soil while avoiding air pockets as best possible during placement/rearranging stages afterward if necessary.

Once all cuttings are planted securely inside their containers it’s time for one final detail … find somewhere warm yet slightly shaded indoors away from direct sunlight where temperatures remain stable between 65°F – 75°F degrees Fahrenheit day by day.

Finally sit back + watch your new little lipsticks thrive over coming weeks/months ahead as they slowly begin their transformation from stem clippings into established plants once again . . .just remember that consistent watering + misting routines alongside occasional fertilizer applications will help speed along progress significantly when necessary ! .