How To Propagate Magnolia Trees – A Step By Step Guide

If you are a gardening enthusiast, then you must be aware of the beauty that magnolia trees bring to your garden. With their stunning flowers and glossy leaves, these trees can enhance the aesthetics of any landscape. However, if you want more magnolia trees in your garden or wish to share them with someone else, propagating them is an easy way to do it.

In this blog post, we’ll walk you through the process of propagating magnolia trees.

What is propagation?

Propagation refers to the process of multiplying plants by growing new individuals from existing ones. There are different methods for plant propagation including cuttings, layering, division and seeding. For our purpose here today we will discuss how to propagate magnolias using stem cuttings.

When should I propagate my Magnolia tree?

Propagation works best during the dormant season when there is less competition between foliage growth and root formation . Thus late autumn/winter timeframes provide an ideal opportunity for successful rooting .

How do I take a cutting?

The first step in propagating a magnolia tree is taking cuttings from mature wood on healthy parent stock specimens. Choose shoots that have no flower buds or developing seeds as they may not take root properly due to energy allocation differences within the plant structure . Cut several 6-inch lengths from branches that have been grown in full sun but are shaded at least part-time throughout hot summer days too (this provides optimal moisture balance) .

Clean up all lower leaves so only two remain along each shoot; cutting these back helps prevent water loss while increasing chances for successful rooting because fewer leaves means less transpiration activity which damages delicate yet vital root systems growing outwards from nodes on stems where juvenile tissues reside until they become established enough with sufficient hydration levels provided by surrounding soil environments .

Lastly dip around 2cm into rooting hormone powder before placing firmly into moistened potting mix containing peat moss which promotes better drainage retention while also ensuring oxygen reach within soil matrix designed to support healthy growth.

How should I care for my cutting?

After placing the cuttings in potting mix, cover them with a plastic bag and secure it with a rubber band. This will create a humid environment that helps promote rooting.

Place the container in a warm area where it receives indirect sunlight. Check regularly if the potting mix has dried out as you may need to water your cuttings .

Within 6-8 weeks, roots should start to develop from each stem node on your propagated magnolia tree. Once these have reached at least one inch long and show signs of reinforcement (thicker in diameter) they are ready for transplantation into larger pots or directly into garden spaces outdoors .


Propagating magnolia trees can be an enjoyable experience and is an easy way to multiply plants without spending much money . However, this process requires patience because it takes time for new roots to develop from cuttings. By following our guide above though we hope you feel confident taking on this new challenge! With some luck & TLC hopefully soon enough you’ll have beautiful mature flowering Magnolias providing shade & beauty throughout your outdoor spaces!