How To Propagate Marble Queen Pothos: Step-By-Step Guide For Success


Marble Queen Pothos (Epipremnum aureum) is one of the most popular houseplants in the world. It’s also known as Devil’s Ivy, Silver Vine, and Money Plant, and has been widely used for its ornamental foliage since Victorian times. The plant looks elegant and luxurious with its glossy green leaves flecked with cream-colored spots. Its trailing habit adds to its popularity as it can be grown in hanging baskets or allowed to cascade from shelves or high cupboards. Propagating Marble Queen Pothos is an easy way to multiply your plants without spending money on new ones.

Steps Involved in Propagation

The first step when propagating Marble Queen Pothos is to take cuttings from a healthy parent plant – ideally 6 inches long stem sections with at least 2-3 leaves attached at the top. Trim off any flowers that may be present on the stem sections and place them into a glass of water until they are ready for planting. Once they have developed some roots (~1-3 weeks), you can transfer them into soil or potting mix by using small pots or containers filled with drainage holes at the base, but make sure not to overwater them during this process!

When transferring cuttings into soil or potting mix, use a sharp knife blade to create slits through which you can insert each cutting so that it stands upright rather than lying flat against the surface of the container – this will help ensure good root growth once planted! Make sure there’s enough space between plants for air circulation; overcrowding could lead to fungal diseases like root rot which would kill your newly propagated plants very quickly!

Once planted carefully water each cutting thoroughly; then set up your propagation area somewhere warm and bright but away from direct sunlight (as intense sun rays may burn tender foliage). Keep checking regularly for signs of under/overwatering; if needed adjust watering frequency accordingly as different climates require different amounts of moisture supply depending on their humidity levels etc… Moving forward, wait patiently while your potted cuttings develop strong roots & shoots before transplanting larger individual specimens outdoors later on if desired!


Propagating Marble Queen Pothos doesn’t require any special skills – just basic knowledge about taking care of houseplants combined with patience & diligence should do it! By following these simple steps outlined above you should have no problem multiplying these beautiful tropical beauties all year round – happy growing everyone!!