How To Propagate Mexican Sage: A Step-By-Step Guide

Mexican sage, also known as Salvia leucantha, is a popular garden plant that produces stunning purple and white flowers. If you are interested in multiplying your Mexican sage plants, propagating them can be an excellent way to do so. Propagation is the process of growing new plants from cuttings or other parts of the parent plant. In this post, we will discuss how to propagate Mexican sage successfully.

What You’ll Need

Before starting with propagation, make sure that you have all the necessary materials on hand:

– A sharp pair of pruning shears or scissors
– A container filled with potting soil
– Rooting hormone (optional)
– Warm water

Taking Cuttings

The first step in propagating Mexican sage involves taking cuttings from the parent plant. Ideally, choose a healthy stem that has no signs of disease or insect damage.

1. Cut off a 4-inch section of stem just below a leaf node.
2. Remove any leaves on the lower half of the cutting.
3. Dip the bottom end of each cutting into rooting hormone (if using).
4. Place each cutting into warm water for several hours to prevent wilting.
5. Insert each cutting into moist potting soil about one inch deep and tamp down gently.

Caring for Your Cuttings

Once you have planted your cuttings in containers filled with potting soil, it’s time to care for them properly:

1. Cover your container loosely with plastic wrap or a clear plastic bag to maintain humidity levels around your cuttings.
2. Place your container in indirect sunlight and avoid direct sunlight exposure.
3 Keep an eye on moisture levels by checking daily if they need watering since newly propagated plants require regular hydration.

Transplanting Your New Plants

When roots start emerging after four weeks plus when there is visible growth at least two inches long it’s time to transplant these babies into their pots; they are now mature enough to transplant. Follow these guidelines:

1. Select a pot with drainage holes and fill it half full with potting soil.
2. Remove the cutting gently from its container using root pruning shears.
3. Set your cuttings one at a time into their designated pots and press down on them lightly.
4 Plant each cutting deep enough in the new pot, so that the bottom leaves rest just above the surface of the soil.


Mexican sage is an excellent plant to grow for garden enthusiasts who want colorful foliage in their gardens all year round. Propagating Mexican sage ensures more plants while maintaining quality; propagation guarantees you will have beautiful plants without going through purchasing expensive seeds or plants! With proper care like watering daily till they develop roots plus providing appropriate lighting, Your propagated Mexican Sage plant will live up to many years when given good care and maintenance as well as beauty to your garden landscape!