How To Propagate Nanouk: The Ultimate Guide For Successful Growth


Nanouk is a hybrid between a Pilea peperomioides, also known as the Chinese Money Plant, and an Urtica lyrata. It is a unique type of houseplant that makes for a popular choice among gardeners due to its attractive foliage and ease of propagation. In this blog post, we will be discussing how to propagate Nanouk in order to keep them healthy and thriving in your home or garden.

Selecting Cuttings for Propagation

When it comes to propagating Nanouk, the most important thing you need to do is select cuttings from healthy plants with lots of leaf nodes (the parts where leaves originate). The best time of year for collecting cuttings from Nanouk plants is during spring or summer when they are actively growing. Make sure that the cutting has at least three leaf nodes on it so that you can have more chances of success when starting your new plant. You can either take stem cuttings or individual leaves off the plant- both will work just fine!

Preparing Cuttings For Propagation

Once you have collected your cuttings, it’s time to prepare them for propagation. This step involves removing any older leaves that may be present on the cutting before placing them into soil-filled containers. To do this, use clean scissors or pruners and carefully snip off any dead/discolored bits at each node point first then make sure not to damage any healthy looking stems/leaves when performing this task! Afterward, dip each end of the cutting into rooting hormone powder which helps promote root growth from those areas where new roots will form later on after being planted into the container filled with soil mixture prepared specifically designed for house plants such as perlite + vermiculite mixtures (or something similar).

Planting Cuttings

Now that your cuttings are ready for planting , place them in their respective containers filled with pre-moistened soil mix making sure there’s enough space between each one so they’re not overcrowded . Then lightly press down around each cutting gently but firmly while still keeping adequate air circulation within all parts of the container . Finally , water lightly until evenly moist throughout – preferably using distilled water since regular tap might contain too much chlorine content which could inhibit proper root development .

Caring For Cut ting s Once planted , ensure th at yo ur c uttin gs receive plenty o f indirect sunlight by providing about 4 hours per day near an east or west facing window if indoors otherwise give outdoors locations plenty o f direct morning sun & no more than 6 hours max during peak season times like springtime & summer months respectively – other wise growth rate s may slow drastically ! Also remember t o maintain even moisture levels by watering deeply every few days rather than frequently shallow sprinkles – letting topmost layer dry out slightly between sessions should suffice ! A dditional ly consider misting occasionally if humidity levels run low indoors especially since nanouks prefer higher humid environments compared t o indoor homes normally being quite drier overall ..