How To Propagate Oxalis: A Comprehensive Guide For Gardeners

Oxalis is a flowering plant that belongs to the wood sorrel family. It is known for its beautiful heart-shaped leaves and delicate flowers, making it an ideal choice for indoor or outdoor gardens. Propagating oxalis can be a fun and rewarding experience as it allows you to expand your garden without having to purchase new plants from the store.

In this blog post, we will take you through all the steps involved in propagating oxalis successfully.

What is Oxalis?

Before delving into propagation methods, it’s important first to understand what oxalis is. As mentioned earlier, Oxalis comes from the wood sorrel family and has over 900 species worldwide. The plant features clover-like leaves that come in different shades of green with some varieties having purplish foliage.

Oxalises are relatively easy to care for and grow best in bright indirect light conditions with well-draining soil. They also require regular watering during growth periods and thrive in temperatures ranging between 65-75 degrees Fahrenheit.

How to Propagate Oxalis

Propagating oxalis involves two main methods: division of bulbs (also known as corms) or stem cuttings.

Method 1: Division of Bulbs

Dividing bulbs involves separating existing plants into smaller ones by breaking off individual corms gently. This method works best when dividing large clumps of established plants at least two years old since they have developed multiple buds on their roots or stems.

The following are the steps involved:

Step One: Carefully remove your mature plant from its pot or garden bed while taking caution not to damage any part of its bulbous roots system.

Step Two: Gently shake off any excess soil attached around the base of the plant until you can see individual bulblets(corms).

Step Three: Using hands, carefully separate each bulblet while ensuring that each one retains enough root structure needed for survival.

Step Four: Plant each bulblet in a new pot or garden bed and water thoroughly.

Method 2: Stem Cuttings

Another propagation method involves taking stem cuttings from an existing plant. This method is ideal for smaller plants, and you can take up to four cuttings per plant without harming it. Here’s how:

Step One: Identify the best stems for cutting by choosing those that are healthy with at least two nodes on them.

Step Two: Using clean scissors or pruning shears, make a straight cut above the second node under a leaf joint.

Step Three: Remove any lower leaves on the stem, leaving only two to three sets of leaves near the top.

Step Four: Dip your cutting into rooting hormone powder (optional) then insert it into moist soil in a separate container.


Once you have propagated your oxalis successfully, proper aftercare is necessary to ensure that they thrive healthily. Keep newly planted bulbs away from direct sunlight while keeping soil moist but not too wet as this could cause rotting. Water regularly and maintain optimal temperatures ranging between 65-75 degrees Fahrenheit for better growth results.


Propagating oxalis can be rewarding, especially if you love gardening or want to expand your indoor or outdoor space with these beautiful plants. By following our easy-to-understand guide outlined above, you’ll quickly learn how to propagate Oxalis using division of bulbs or stem cuttings confidently. Remember always to give your newly propagated Oxalises adequate aftercare until they establish themselves fully!