How To Propagate Pachysandra: The Easy Way To Grow More Plants

Pachysandra is a low-maintenance, evergreen ground cover plant that originates from Japan and China. It has glossy green leaves and tiny white flowers that bloom in the springtime. One of the best features of pachysandra is its ability to spread quickly and densely, making it an ideal choice for covering large areas or filling in gaps between other plants.

If you’re looking for an easy way to increase your pachysandra collection without spending a lot of money on new plants, propagation might be just what you need. In this post, we’ll take a look at how to propagate pachysandra through stem cuttings.

Choosing the right time

The best time to take stem cuttings from your pachysandra plant is during the early summer months when new growth is starting to emerge. Cuttings taken at this time have a higher chance of rooting successfully than those taken later in the growing season.

Preparing your cutting

To create a cutting, find a healthy stem with several leaves attached and use sharp scissors or pruning shears to remove it from the main plant. Make sure your tools are clean before cutting so as not to introduce any diseases or pests into your garden.

Trim off any lower leaves on the stem, leaving only two or three sets near the top intact. This will help reduce water loss while also allowing room for roots to grow out of these nodes.

Dipping in rooting hormone

Once you’ve prepared your cutting by removing excess foliage and trimming down its length (6-8 inches), dip it into some rooting hormone powder which can be found at most gardening stores nearby – this will help speed up root formation by stimulating cell division near where you make cuts on stems’ surface area!!

Planting your cutting

With all prep work done now comes planting part! You can either directly put it into garden soil if its well-drained loamy soil but if not then go with container option. Fill the pot with a well-draining mix of soil, perlite and vermiculite in equal parts then make a hole for your cutting.

Care and maintenance

Place container or newly planted stem cutting into indirect sunlight . Keep its soil moist but not wet, misting it occasionally to maintain humidity levels around the plant. After 2-3 months check if roots have developed by gently tugging on cuttings – if there’s resistance that means rooting happened successfully!


Propagation is an easy way to create more pachysandra plants at little cost, whether you’re looking to fill out gaps in your garden or just want some extras to share with friends and family. By following these simple steps for taking stem cuttings, dipping them into rooting hormone powder before planting them in containers filled up with well-drained soil mix; you can be sure that new growth will emerge soon enough!