Propagating Pink Princess Philodendron: A Step-By-Step Guide

Philodendrons are a popular houseplant and among the most loved varieties is the Pink Princess Philodendron. The plant features beautiful shades of pink, purple, and cream on its leaves, making it an excellent addition to your home décor. One fascinating thing about this variety of philodendron is that it can be propagated from cuttings with relative ease.

Propagating the Pink Princess Philodendron

Propagation is a process whereby you create new plants by taking cuttings from existing ones. It’s an easy way to grow more plants without having to purchase any or spending lots of money buying them at once.

Materials Needed:

To propagate your Pink Princess Philodendron successfully, you’ll need some tools and materials such as:

– Sharp scissors
– Small pots
– Potting soil
– Watering can

Steps for Propagation:

1) Take Cuttings: To start propagating your Pink Princess Philodendron, take several healthy stem cuttings measuring approximately four inches long each from parent plant using sharp scissors.

2) Remove Lower Leaves: After cutting stems off the parent plant, carefully remove all lower leaves except two or three on top. This will allow energy flow in the cutting towards generating roots rather than supporting leaves.

3) Apply Rooting Hormone: Dip base end (the one that was attached to mother plant) into rooting hormone powder before planting it into potting mix so that roots grow fastly.

4) Plant Your Cuttings: Insert each cutting in a small pot containing moistened potting mix until they’re secured. Make sure not to cover up any remaining leaves while planting them.

5) Mist Regularly: Spray water lightly over planted cuttings frequently enough for soil not getting dry but avoid overwatering which may lead rotted out roots before establishing themselves along with shoot growths above ground level within weeks/months time span depending upon environmental conditions like temperature, humidity and light exposure.

6) Monitor Growth: Keep an eye on your propagating plants to avoid any problem early. As soon as you see new growth on top of the stem, you can be sure that roots have started developing below soil surface.

7) Transplanting: When the cuttings have developed enough roots (at least 1-2 inches), transfer them into a larger pot with standard potting soil or plant them directly in your garden outside if weather conditions are favorable for their growth.


– The best time to propagate Pink Princess Philodendron is during spring or summer when it’s easier for plants to establish themselves.
– You can also propagate by dividing parent plant carefully, but this method requires more care and skill than taking cuttings.
– Use sterile scissors while cutting stems because contaminated tools may transport disease-causing pathogens from one plant to another leading to its decay over time.
– Keep propagating pots in a warm bright place where they receive adequate indirect light without direct sunlight falling on leaves which might cause sunburn damages even under normal room temperature range between 65°F -85°F .


Propagating Pink Princess Philodendrons is an easy way of multiplying these beautiful houseplants. Just ensure that you follow all the steps given above carefully and regularly monitor your cuttings’ progress. By doing so, you’ll get healthy new plants quickly without having to spend much money. Happy planting!