How To Propagate Pride Of Barbados: A Step By Step Guide

Pride of Barbados is a beautiful flowering plant that can add vibrant colors to any garden or landscape. Its scientific name, Caesalpinia pulcherrima, reveals its beauty as “pulcherrima” means “most beautiful.” This tropical shrub is native to the Caribbean and Central America but can be grown in other regions with similar climates.

One way to increase your pride of Barbados collection is through propagation. Propagation is the process of creating new plants from existing ones. It can be done by seed or vegetative methods like root cuttings or stem cuttings.

In this blog post, we will discuss how to propagate Pride of Barbados using stem cuttings.

Materials Needed

Before you start propagating Pride of Barbados, make sure you have all the necessary materials. These include:

– Pruning Shears
– Rooting hormone powder
– Small pots (with drainage holes)
– Compost soil mix

Steps on How To Propagate

1) Select a healthy parent plant – The first step in propagation is selecting a healthy parent plant for cutting. Choose branches that are strong and free from disease or damage.

2) Cut off stem tips – Using pruning shears, cut off 6-inch long stem tips just below a leaf node (where leaves attach). Make sure there are at least two sets of leaves on each cutting.

3) Remove lower leaves – Remove the lower set(s) of leaves from each cutting leaving only one set near the top intact.

4) Dip into rooting hormone powder – Dip about an inch-tip-end into rooting hormone powder which helps promote root growth

5) Plant in potting mix – Now carefully insert each cutting into small pots filled with compost soil mix up to around half its length deep

6) Water thoroughly – Then water thoroughly until excess drains out since Pride Of Barbados require moist soil for rooting

7) Cover with plastic bag – Place a clear plastic bag over the pot to create a mini-greenhouse effect that keeps moisture in and out of direct sunlight.

8) Keep in bright, indirect light – It is important to keep the cuttings in bright, indirect light. Too much sun can scorch them while too little will result in weak growth.

9) Monitor regularly – Check on your plants every few days to ensure they are not drying out or rotting. If they look too dry add some water but be cautious not to overwater as this may lead to root rot.


Propagating Pride of Barbados through stem cuttings is an easy and affordable way to increase your plant collection. With proper care and patience, you can enjoy watching new roots grow from each cutting until it becomes a healthy mature plant which will bring vibrant colors into your garden or landscape. Just remember that propagating any plant takes time so don’t get discouraged if results take longer than expected. Happy gardening!