How To Propagate Rabbit’s Foot Fern: A Step-By-Step Guide

The Rabbit’s Foot Fern, also known as Davallia fejeensis, is a unique plant with its furry rhizomes that resemble the paws of rabbits. It is an easy-to-grow houseplant and makes for stunning indoor decor. Propagating the rabbit’s foot fern can be done through division or spores. In this blog post, we will discuss both methods.

Division Method

The division method involves separating the rabbit’s foot fern into smaller sections and planting them in separate pots to grow new plants. Here are the steps to follow:

Step 1: Prepare your tools

You will need a sharp knife, a pair of scissors, gloves (optional), and sterilized pots with fresh potting soil.

Step 2: Take out mother plant from its pot

Carefully take out the mother plant from its existing pot by gently tugging on it while holding onto the base of the stem or fronds.

Step 3: Locate rhizomes and divide them

Locate where the furry rhizomes meet at their base near where they are attached to roots. Use your knife or scissors to cut through these furry parts between so that each section has a clump of roots attached to it.

Step 4: Plant divided sections in individual pots

Fill up sterile pots with moistened potting mix leaving enough space for planting your divided bunny paw ferns in small clusters before covering lightly with soil then water thoroughly but ensure proper drainage holes exist so as not to drown newly planted ferns.

Spore Propagation Method

Another way of propagating rabbit’s foot fern is via spores which are produced under mature leaves known as sori . To propagate using this method here’s what you should do:

Step 1: Collect Spores

Collect matured leaves bearing spores off existing rabbit paw plants by cutting them at their base using clean scissors or fingers; make sure you use healthy-looking ones.

Step 2: Prepare Spore Germination Medium

Mix together equal amounts of peat moss and vermiculite, moisten the mix with water until it is damp but not soggy. Then fill sterilized pots with your germination medium.

Step 3: Sow spores

Sprinkle the collected spores on top of the germination medium and cover lightly with a thin layer of clean sand or finely milled sphagnum moss to prevent them from drying out quickly. Usually, they will germinate in two to three weeks.

Step 4: Transfer seedlings

Once you notice that your ferns have grown to about an inch in height, carefully transfer each individual plant into separate sterilized pots filled with potting soil allowing adequate space for growth before watering thoroughly but ensuring proper drainage holes exist so as not to drown newly propagated plants.


Propagating rabbit’s foot fern can be done through division or spores. Both methods are relatively easy and can be accomplished by even beginner gardeners. By following these simple steps given above, you’ll soon have more beautiful Rabbit’s Foot Ferns growing at home!