Propagating Raven ZZ: Step-By-Step Guide For Beginners


What is a Raven ZZ Plant?

The Raven ZZ plant (Rhapis excelsa) is an attractive, easy to care for evergreen with glossy dark green leaves and deep purple-green stems. It grows slowly and can reach 8 feet in height indoors if given enough space. The name comes from the shape of its leaves, which look like raven’s wings. It makes a great addition to any home or office decor as it requires minimal maintenance and offers an interesting aesthetic appeal.

How To Propagate a Raven ZZ Plant

Propagating a Raven ZZ plant is relatively simple and can be done by either division or stem cuttings. Both methods require basic knowledge of gardening and some patience but will result in additional plants that can be shared with friends or kept for yourself!

Division Method:

Dividing the roots of existing plants is one way to propagate your Raven ZZ plant quickly and easily without needing too many supplies. Start by carefully lifting the entire root ball out of its pot, being careful not to damage the delicate roots underneath. Use two hands, one on each side of the root ball, while gently teasing apart sections into smaller clumps using your fingers or pruning shears if needed. Each section should have several sturdy shoots along with healthy roots attached before replanting into individual containers filled with fresh potting soil mix specially formulated for indoor plants like this one! Depending on how large you divide them, these divisions may need frequent watering until they are established – usually around 2-4 weeks – so keep an eye on them during this transition period!

Stem Cuttings Method:

Prepare 4 inch long stem cuttings from mature stems that have at least 3 nodes (the swollen points where new leaves emerge). Make sure all cuts are cleanly done just below a node so that there aren’t any jagged edges left behind; otherwise they could become infected later on down the line! Once ready, insert each cutting about an inch deep into moistened soil mix made specifically for houseplants such as Miracle Gro Potting Mix or similar brands found at most nurseries/garden centers near you – then water generously and place in bright indirect light away from direct sun exposure until new growth appears (usually within 1-4 weeks). Keep checking regularly for signs of rot since overwatering is often more detrimental than underwatering when propagating plants via this method!