How To Propagate Ric Rac Cactus: A Step-By-Step Guide

Ric rac cactus, also known as fishbone cactus or zigzag cactus, is a beautiful and exotic plant that can be propagated easily. Propagation is the process of growing new plants from the cuttings of an existing one. If you love ric rac cacti and want to grow some more of them at home, read on to learn how to propagate ric rac cactus.

What is Ric Rac Cactus?

Ric rac cactus (Epiphyllum anguliger) is a type of epiphytic succulent native to Central America. It belongs to the family Cactaceae and is popular for its unique shape which resembles fishbones or zigzags. The leaves are flat, thin, and green with wavy edges that form a series of curves like a fishbone. It blooms white fragrant flowers in summer nights.

Materials Needed

To propagate your own ric rac cactus plant, you will need:

-A healthy ric rac cactus
-Potting soil mix
-Sharp scissors or pruning shears
-Clean towel
-Paper towel
-A small pot with drainage holes
– A plastic bag

Propagation Process

1. Choose Suitable Stem Cuttings: Look for suitable stem cuttings on your existing plant that have at least 2-3 segments each with a leaf attached. Make sure they are firm and not too woody.

2. Prepare Potting Soil Mix: Prepare potting soil mix by mixing equal parts perlite/ sand with peat moss using gloves.

3.Cut Your Stem Cutting: Use sharp scissors/pruning shears sterilized in rubbing alcohol before making cuts,Cut your stem cutting just below an angle so it has enough tissue area exposed .

4.Let Cutting Callous Over: Place the cuttings on paper towels until they dry out which helps prevent rot when planted.

5.Planting Your Cutting : Insert prepared cutting into the potting soil with around two inches deep into the soil. Water well and let it drain.

6. Covering With a Plastic Bag: Place plastic bag over to keep moisture trapped in, this is called a humidity dome. The rationale behind covering the cutting is that it will create humid environment which simulates natural conditions needed for rooting of cuttings.

7.Water your Planting Cuttings Regularly: Water regularly until you see new growth appear on your plant, then remove the plastic bag from your planter.


Propagation is an easy way to grow more of your favourite plants, including ric rac cactus. All you need are some stem cuttings, potting soil mix, scissors or pruning shears, and patience as they take time to root and establish themselves . Keep them away from direct sunlight while propagating since they don’t like too much heat during their initial stages.Give yourself a chance to grow something beautiful and unique today!