How To Propagate Spotted Begonia: A Comprehensive Guide

Introduction to Spotted Begonias

Spotted begonias, or Begonia Maculata, are a type of evergreen perennial plant that is native to Brazil. They have large oval-shaped leaves with silver spots on them and produce unique flowers in shades of white and pink. These plants make great additions to any garden and can be propagated easily through stem cuttings or leaf cuttings. In this blog post we’ll explore how to propagate spotted begonias so you can enjoy their beauty in your own garden!

Stem Cuttings

One way that you can propagate spotted begonias is by taking stem cuttings from existing plants. To do this, start by selecting healthy stems that are at least 4 inches long and cutting them just below the node (the point where the leaf meets the stem). Remove all but two leaves from each cutting, then dip the end of each one into rooting hormone powder before planting it in a pot filled with moistened potting soil. Place the pots in an area with bright indirect sunlight and keep the soil consistently damp until roots develop which usually takes about three weeks. Once rooted, transplant your new spotted begonia into a larger container for growing it on further.

Leaf Cuttings

Another way to propagate spotted begonias is through leaf cuttings – simply take healthy leaves from existing plants and place them onto moistened potting soil or directly into water until they form roots which could take anywhere between two weeks up to six months depending on conditions such as temperature, humidity etc.. Once rooted, separate out each leaf cutting carefully ensuring not too much root damage occurs when handling – then transfer these young plants over into individual containers containing fresh moistened potting mix before placing them somewhere with bright indirect light for further growth development.


Propagating spotted begonias using either stem cuttings or leaf cuttings is relatively easy if done correctly following the steps outlined above – giving you plenty more beautiful specimens for your yard or garden!