How To Propagate String Of Dolphins: An Easy Guide For Beginners


String of dolphins, or senecio peregrinus, is a unique-looking houseplant that has become increasingly popular in recent years. Its trailing stems and silver leaves have an almost ethereal appearance, giving it a sense of beauty and grace. Propagating your string of dolphins can be easy with the right tools and techniques. Read on to learn how to propagate this plant from stem cuttings!

Gather Materials

Before you begin propagating your string of dolphins, make sure you have all the necessary materials on hand. You will need scissors or pruning shears, potting soil mix containing perlite or vermiculite for drainage, plastic pots with holes at the bottom for drainage (or use peat moss), rooting hormone powder (optional), and water.

Prepare Cuttings

Once you’ve gathered all the supplies you need to propagate your string of dolphins, it’s time to prepare your cuttings. Use sharp scissors or pruners to take 3-4 inch long pieces off the main stem of your plant near a node (the place where new growth will emerge). Try not to damage any existing roots when taking your cuttings as these can help speed up the propagation process! If desired add some rooting hormone powder over end before planting in order to promote root development.

Planting Cuttings

Now that you have prepared all the cuttings its time for planting them into their own individual plastic pots filled with potting soil mix containing perlite/vermiculite for extra drainage. Place each cutting about one inch deep into their respective pot with enough space between each one so they don’t crowd out each other during growth stages later down line once they start forming their own roots systems separately。 Watering instructions include avoiding overwatering which will cause root rot but also making sure there’s enough moisture present in surrounding medium where plants are kept; usually every 1-3 days depending on climate conditions such as temperature/humidity levels should suffice until plants fully establish themselves again.

Caring For New Plants Keep newly planted strings of dolphin away from direct sunlight until they are established since too much light exposure could cause scorching on delicate foliage – aim instead for indirect diffuse light sources like south facing windows providing soft natural lighting indoors if growing indoors。 As plants start developing healthy root systems again gradually move containers towards brighter locations within home spaces while keeping an eye out for any signs indicating more shade might be needed such as leaf wilting when exposed directly under sun rays。 Once rooted successfully treat just like regular SOD varieties by gently lifting topsoil layer occasionally checking moistness levels,adding fertilizer every few weeks,and being mindful about pests/diseases accordingly ~

< h 2 >Conclusion With these tips in mind ,you’ll be able to easily propagate String Of Dolphins from stem cuttings so that soon enough ,your home can be adorned by multiple specimens ! By following our simple steps ,you’ll ensure successful results every single time . So why wait ? Get started today !