How To Propagate Variegated String Of Hearts: Step-By-Step Guide


Variegated string of hearts is a vining succulent that’s native to South America. It has long, trailing stems and heart-shaped leaves with variegated pink and green markings. This plant adds texture, color, and interest to any space in which it is grown. Propagating variegated string of hearts is relatively easy, as the plant can be propagated from stem cuttings or leaf cuttings. In this article we will discuss how to propagate variegated string of hearts using both methods.

Propagation from Stem Cuttings

The best time for propagation is spring when the plants are actively growing. Start by taking 4-6 inch lengths of stems with two or more nodes (tiny bumps along the stem where leaves have fallen off). Dip the bottom of each cutting into warm water until completely saturated then move them back onto dry paper towels briefly before planting them in soil-less media such as perlite or vermiculite mix. Make sure the potting mix stays moist at all times while propagating but avoid overwatering so as not to rot roots during this process. Place your containers somewhere bright but indirect light like a north facing windowsill and keep an eye on it during growth period over summer months – you should soon see some root development within 2-3 weeks after planting! Once these roots have developed enough they can be transplanted into larger pots filled with regular potting soil if desired

Propagation from Leaf Cuttings

You may also try propagation through leaf cuttings taken from your existing Variegated String Of Heart Plant: select fresh young leaves that still have their pink colors then slice them carefully down one side so as not to damage veins/structures inside tissue itself – dampen a small piece of kitchen roll paper towel before placing it on top cutting edges lightly pressing down (avoid too much pressure) Finally place this whole section between two sheets wet kitchen roll before transferring everything onto sterile compost material ie; seed starting mix or coir peat moss mixed together well & watered thoroughly afterwards Provide indirect bright light & mist spray regularly throughout day – new baby plants should develop within 3–4 weeks depending upon care provided If successful transplant these rooted sections into separate individual pots filled with quality potting soil once established enough


With proper care and attention, you can easily propagate Variegated String Of Hearts either through stem cuttings or leaf cuttings. Both processes require similar steps but leaf cuttings take slightly longer than stem ones since they need extra time to form healthy roots systems – remember provide indirect light always & avoid excessive amounts moisture otherwise rotting might occur! Good luck!