How To Propagate Zebra Plant Easily: Tips From Expert Gardeners


The Zebra plant, scientifically known as Aphelandra squarrosa, is a tropical houseplant that features distinctive green leaves with white stripes. It’s an excellent choice for indoor gardening enthusiasts because of its easy care and striking appearance. The best part about propagating the zebra plant is that it can be done without any hassle.

Propagation Methods

There are two primary methods to propagate zebra plants: stem cuttings and division.

Stem Cuttings

Stem cuttings refer to taking a section of the plant from the parent plant and using it to grow another one. Follow these simple steps to propagate your zebra plant through stem cutting:

1. Take a healthy cutting – Choose a healthy stem from your parent zebra plant that has at least two or three nodes where new leaves attach.

2. Prepare the Cutting – Using clean shears, remove any lower leaves or flowers from the bottom half of the stem so you have enough space on which roots will emerge later on.

3. Planting Process – Place your prepared cutting in either moist soil or water until roots begin forming after approximately 4-6 weeks

4 .Transplanting – Once you see root development in your propagated leafy friend, transplant them into their own pot filled with fresh potting soil


Division refers to separating mature plants into smaller sections to encourage growth or propagation by replanting them separately.

1.Identify Plants for Removal- Look for clumps where several stems grow close together

2.Remove Plant Carefully– Remove only enough soil from around each clump so it may easily divide without damaging other parts

3.Divide Clumps Into Sections – Gently pull apart each cluster making sure they maintain their root systems

4.Plant Separately – Repot each section into its container, using fresh potting soil, and water the new plant thoroughly to encourage healthy root development.


Zebra plants propagation is a fun way to grow these beautiful indoor plants quickly. Both stem cuttings and division are simple methods that can be done without any special tools or expertise. With proper care and patience, you can propagate your zebra plant to grow more of them for your home garden or share with other gardening enthusiasts!