How To Propagate ZZ Plant From Leaves: A Step by Step Guide

ZZ plants are popular houseplants that require minimal care and can survive in low light conditions. They have attractive glossy leaves, which gives them a unique aesthetic appeal. If you’re looking to multiply your existing ZZ plant or want to create new ones, propagating ZZ plant from leaves is an easy and cost-effective way to do it.

In this blog post, we’ll take you through the steps on how to propagate ZZ plant from leaves.

What is Propagation?

Propagation is the process of creating new plants using a part of an already existing one. Plant propagation can be done by different methods such as seed germination or vegetative propagation through cuttings or leaf propagation. In our case, we will perform leaf propagation on the ZZ plant.

Preparing for Leaf Propagation

To begin with propagating your zz plant from leaves here are some things you need:

– A healthy mature ZZ plant
– Scissors
– Small pots (with drainage holes)
– Potting soil mixture (well-draining)
– Spray bottle
– Plastic wrap

Choosing Suitable Leaves

Choose healthy matured leaves for cutting as these are more likely to thrive than younger ones. Select those at the bottom of the parent’s stem since they will be older than others and also healthier than old or extremely young ones.

How To Cut The Leaves Of Your ZZ Plant For Propagation?

Using scissors snip straight across each leaf where it meets the stem, making sure not to damage any other foliage along with it while holding onto its base. Cut several pieces if possible so that some may fail while others succeed providing ample chances for success.

Planting The Cuttings

After selecting suitable leaves and making clean cuts use well-draining potting soil mixed up with perlite in small pots that come equipped with drainage holes because excess water needs draining out routinely during their growth period.

Watering And Caring For Your New Plants

After planting your cuttings carefully water them, use a spray bottle to moisten the soil mix as much as required, so that it is damp but not waterlogged. It would be best if you covered your pots with plastic wrap or place them in a clear plastic bag with plenty of ventilation holes to keep the moisture stable.

Place newly planted cuttings in bright indirect light and maintain the same temperature for at least two weeks. Avoid direct sunlight since this can cause leaf burn leading to plant death. ZZ plants love moderate temperatures around 75 degrees Fahrenheit (24°C) during daytime and 65°F (18°C) at night.

Check on your propagated ZZ plant every day or alternate days, by checking its moisture content, remove any broken stems, leaves which may rot or become moldy over time.


Propagation is an excellent way to multiply your existing ZZ plant collection without spending big bucks buying new ones from stores. Once you grasp how easy it’s done through leaf propagation methods described above it’s straightforward! With a little patience and care, soon enough after some weeks they’ll start growing new roots & sprouts back up again giving rise to beautiful plants adding fresh greenery vibes indoors within no time!