How To Propagate ZZ Plants: Step-By-Step Guide With Pictures

Zamioculcas zamiifolia, commonly known as ZZ plant, is a popular and low-maintenance houseplant that can thrive in various lighting conditions. One of the best things about this plant is its ability to propagate quickly and easily. In this article, we will guide you through the steps on how to propagate ZZ plants.

What is Propagation?

Propagation refers to the process of growing new plants from an existing one. Plant propagation can be done through many methods such as using seeds, cutting stems or leaves, dividing roots or offsets.

Why Should You Propagate Your ZZ Plant?

Propagating your ZZ plant has numerous benefits; it allows you to expand your collection of plants without having to purchase new ones. Additionally, propagating helps rejuvenate old or overgrown plants by allowing them to produce fresh growth from cuttings.

Materials Needed

Before starting the propagation process for your ZZ plant, there are a few materials that you need:

– A sharp knife or scissor
– Small pots filled with well-draining potting soil
– Rooting hormone (optional)
– Watering can
– Spray bottle

Propagation Methods

There are two common ways in which ZZ plants can be propagated: stem cuttings and leaf cuttings.

Stem Cuttings Method:

1. Look for healthy stems:
The first step involves finding a healthy stem on your current adult ZZ plant that you plan on taking cuttings from. Select stems that have at least three leaves attached but no flowers or buds since they take energy away from producing roots.
2. Prepare Cutting:
Using sharp scissors or knife make 6” long cutting just below a node where new leaves grow.
3.Apply Hormone(Optional):
Dip the end part of the cutting into rooting hormone(optional) which stimulates root formation.
4.Place Stem into Soil:
Place each cutting into separate small pot filled with well-draining soil leaving at least 1 inch space from the soil surface.
5. Watering:
Water each of them thoroughly and place in a warm, bright location away from direct sunlight.
6. Monitor & Care:
After some time you will notice new growth, monitor their care by watering regularly but do not overwater.

Leaf Cuttings Method:

1. Select Healthy leaves:
Find healthy leaves on your adult ZZ plant that have at least one stem attached to them for better results.
2. Prepare Cutting:
Using sharp scissors or knife cut the leaf along with a small part of the stem on which it was growing
3. Let The Wound Dry:
Let the wound dry for few hours before planting it into soil.
4.Place Leaf into Soil:
Insert it into well-draining potting soil so that half-inch of stem is under soil, and watered thoroughly
5.Cover By Plastic Wrap(Optional):
Cover each pot with plastic wrap to create a humid environment around cutting (optional)
6.Check Regulary and Remove plastic wrap after 2 weeks :
Check regularly for any signs of new growth such as sprouting roots or tiny rosettes emerging from the base of leaf.


ZZ plants are an excellent choice when looking for low-maintenance houseplants that can quickly reproduce through propagation, allowing you to expand your collection or rejuvenate old plants easily. Whichever method you choose – be it stem cuttings or leaf cuttings – make sure to consistently monitor their care throughout their growth process until they establish themselves as independent plants. With proper attention, patience, and care- propagating zz plants is easy-peasy!