How To Prune A Money Plant: Tips & Tricks For Maximum Growth

Money plants are one of the most popular indoor plants, known for their air purifying qualities and beautiful foliage. However, to keep them healthy and thriving, it’s important to prune them regularly. Pruning helps in controlling the size of the plant, promoting new growth and removing any dead or diseased parts.

Here’s how you can prune a money plant in a few easy steps:

1. Prepare your tools

Before starting with pruning, make sure you have all the necessary tools ready with you such as gardening gloves, pruning shears or scissors, rubbing alcohol or hydrogen peroxide solution (for disinfecting your tools), etc.

2. Identify what needs to be pruned

Inspect your money plant carefully and identify which branches need to be pruned. Look for brown or yellow leaves that are dead or damaged; these should be removed first as they can harbor pests and diseases.

3. Start pruning from the bottom up

Begin by cutting off any lower leaves that have turned brown in color – this will encourage new growth from the top nodes of your plant! Be careful not to over-prune though; if there aren’t enough green leaves left on your plant after pruning then photosynthesis won’t occur efficiently leading towards slow growth.

4. Trim long stems

If some stems grow too tall compared to others then cut them back at an appropriate height so that all branches receive equal amounts of light.

5. Cut above leaf node

When deciding where to cut each stem remember always make cuts just above a leaf node – this is where new growth will emerge from!

6.Clean up thoroughly

Once done with all trimming up remove those discarded clippings immediately so they don’t attract insects around your houseplants space nor fertilize other nearby areas unintentionally.


Pruning is an essential aspect of keeping healthy money plants indoors. With just a little bit of care and attention given consistently throughout its life cycle through pruning, your money plant will grow healthy and strong while looking its best too. So follow these easy steps and enjoy the beauty of a well-maintained money plant!