How To Prune A Pothos: An Easy Step-by-Step Guide For Beginners

Pothos, also known as Devil’s Ivy, is a popular indoor plant that can grow quite big and luscious. However, to keep it healthy and thriving, you need to prune it from time to time. Pruning helps maintain the shape of your Pothos plant while promoting new growth.

Pruning tools

Before starting pruning your Pothos plant, you will need some basic tools such as sharp scissors or pruning shears, gloves (optional), a clean cloth or paper towel for wiping the blades after each cut. Make sure your pruning tool is clean and sharp before use.

When to prune

The best time to prune pothos plants is in spring or summer when they are growing actively. Avoid pruning during winter when the plant may be dormant.

Why prune?

Pruning helps promote fuller growth by encouraging branching at leaf nodes. It also removes dead or damaged leaves which can attract pests and diseases. Additionally, by removing older leaves towards the bottom of the stem allows light to penetrate deeper into the foliage promoting more vigorous growth.

Identify what needs cutting

Look for any yellowing or browning leaves on your pothos plants – they’re likely aged foliage that could be inhibiting newer growth nearby from receiving light properly.
Cut off these older leaves from their base using sterilized scissors/pruners so that no stubble remains visible on where they were attached initially.
You can tell if a leaf node will produce new stems if there’s an aerial root emerging just below it.

Pinching back

If you don’t want your pothos trailing too far outwards then consider pinching back its newest vines once they’ve reached about 6-8 inches long with either finger nails (or pruners/scissors). This action encourages bushiness in place of further lengthening/stem elongation.

Trimming longer vines

If left untrimmed for too long until limbs become leggy; then cut back the end of the limb to a healthy looking leaf or node just below it. This will encourage a more compact growth habit, new branching and leaves while tidying up your plant.

Sterilize your pruning tools

After pruning pothos plants, make sure to clean all parts with rubbing alcohol or bleach/water solution (1 part bleach to 9 parts water) before using on any other plant because you don’t want to transfer diseases from one plant cutting process onto another.

In conclusion, Pothos plants are easy-to-care-for houseplants that require minimal maintenance. By following these simple steps for how to prune a pothos properly, you can keep your plant healthy and attractive-looking all year round!