How To Prune Angel Wing Begonia: Easy Step-By-Step Guide

Angel wing begonias are a beautiful addition to any garden or home. With their large, colorful leaves and delicate blooms, these plants can add a touch of elegance and beauty to any living space. However, like any plant, they require maintenance in the form of pruning to keep them healthy and looking their best. In this blog post, we’ll be discussing how to prune angel wing begonia properly.

What is Angel Wing Begonia?

Angel Wing Begonia is a type of houseplant that belongs to the family Begoniaceae. The plant gets its name from its uniquely shaped leaves that look similar to wings of an angel. It’s also popular for its clusters of hanging flowers that bloom mostly in shades pink and red during summer.

When Should You Prune Your Angel Wing Begonia?

Pruning your angel wing begonia should be done when you notice it has overgrown or if there are diseased parts on the plant. By cutting back your angel wing begonia regularly ensures it remains bushy with new growth while discarding dead wood promotes healthier growth.

How To Prune Angel Wing Begonia

1) Tools needed: Before starting out with pruning always ensure you have sanitized tools such as clean scissors or shears ready for use.

2) Identify Deadwood: Inspect your angel wing begonias’ foliage closely; check for yellowing leaves or brown spots which could signify decayed branches.

3) Cut Out Diseased Parts: After identifying decaying areas gently cut off those portions leaving one-inch clearance above the stem base using sharp tools before disposing into trash bags so not spread infection throughout other plants nearby.

4) Trim Overgrowth – Use scissors carefully trim excess foliage particularly in the areas where they extend beyond pot bases either from below or sides depending on where planting occurs without compromising overall shape balance ensuring evenness all round after finishing trimming process without cutting too much down so not stunt future growth potentialities by reduced photosynthesis.

5) Pinching the Tips – Angel wing begonia growth can tend to concentrate more on tips of branches, if this is the case, pinch off a quarter-inch from these points encouraging bushy new growth that will help maintain plant shape and health all year round.


Taking good care of your angel wing begonias through proper pruning practices maintains their beauty while promoting healthy sturdy plants. Pruning helps keep deadwood in check while fostering bushier healthier foliage with vibrant blooms throughout growing seasons. Put these simple steps into practice today and enjoy the beauty that comes from well-maintained angel wing begonias!