How To Prune Boxwood Into A Ball: Step-By-Step Guide & Tips

Boxwood is a versatile plant that can be trimmed into various shapes and sizes. One of the most popular forms is pruning boxwood into a ball shape. This technique creates an attractive, formal look for your garden or landscape. However, pruning boxwood requires time and patience to achieve the desired result.

In this blog post, we will guide you through how to prune boxwood into a ball successfully.

Choose the Right Time

Before starting the pruning process, it’s essential to choose the right time for it. The ideal season for pruning is in late winter or early spring before new growth begins. That way, you won’t damage any new growth that might appear after trimming.

Tools Required

The best tools for pruning boxwoods are sharp hand pruners or hedge trimmers designed explicitly for shaping bushes. Ensure that your tools are clean and sharp before starting as dull blades can tear foliage rather than cut cleanly.

Start with Basic Shape

To start creating a round-shaped topiary with Boxwoods, begin by selecting an appropriately sized bushy plant with good foliage density – one where branches extend all around from ground level upwards without noticeable gaps between them. Cut off any dead wood at ground level first using shears or loppers as necessary so that only healthy live stems remain on which to work.

Next, remove lower branches not required for shaping up higher (the trunk) until there are none left below what will become its final height (usually about 2/3 of total height). Take care never to remove more than 1/4-1/3 of overall volume per year when making major cuts like this as too much stress may harm plants irreparably if carried out too suddenly without sufficient recovery time afterwards.

Create Ball Shape

When enough foliage has been removed from bottom parts near base region gradually works upward while shaping remaining leaves & stems symmetrically until reaching desired size & shape intended entirely – smooth out all sides. Use hand pruners to shape individual branches, or use an electric hedge trimmer for larger bushes.

Maintain Regularly

Once the ball-shaped topiary has been formed, it’s important to maintain its appearance. Regular pruning is required at least once a year to keep the foliage dense and evenly distributed. You can also shape your boxwood again after six months or a year of maintenance pruning if needed.


Pruning boxwood into a ball shape requires some skill and patience but can be achieved with practice. Remember to choose the right time for pruning, use sharp tools, start with a basic shape and gradually work upwards while shaping remaining leaves & stems symmetrically until desired size & smoothness are attained entirely. Finally, maintaining regularly will ensure that you have an attractive Boxwood ball in your garden or landscape all year round!