How To Prune Cherry Laurel: The Best Tips For A Healthy Plant

Cherry laurel is a popular choice for homeowners and gardeners as it grows easily, adapts to various soil types, and provides an attractive evergreen foliage. However, like any other plant, cherry laurel requires maintenance to ensure healthy growth and aesthetics. Pruning is one of the essential tasks in maintaining cherry laurel bushes or trees. In this blog post, we will provide you with a detailed guide on how to prune cherry laurel.

Prune Cherry Laurel at The Right Time

Cherry laurels should be pruned during late winter or early spring while they are still dormant. Pruning during this time allows the plant enough time for new growth before summer arrives. It’s also beneficial because it gives the pruning cuts enough time to heal before new growth occurs.

Determine Your Goal

Before starting your pruning task on cherry laurels, consider your goal first. Are you looking to remove dead branches? Do you want to control its height or shape? Or do you want more sunlight penetration into the middle of the tree?

There are different approaches when it comes to pruning depending on what outcome you desire:

– For Dead Branches: Remove all dead branches by cutting them back towards healthy wood.
– For Height Control: Cut back long shoots that extend beyond your desired size by using sharp shears or loppers.
– For Shape Maintenance: Trim off branches that stick out from the bush/tree’s natural form following its natural shape.
– For Sunlight Penetration: Thin out some dense areas of foliage (preferably inner parts) so that sunlight can penetrate through.

Tools You Will Need

Different tools work better for specific goals; however, there are basic tools required when pruning cherry laurels:

1) Sharp secateurs / hand-held pruners
2) Long-handled loppers
3) A saw (for larger limbs)

Use Clean Tools

When working with plants prone to insect damage such as cherry laurels, it’s important to use clean tools to avoid introducing infections. Wipe your pruning tools at the beginning and end of each cut with a cotton ball or soft cloth dipped in rubbing alcohol.

Make Clean Cuts

To ensure healthy regrowth, always make clean cuts when pruning cherry laurel. Avoid leaving stubs or torn bark that can invite insects and microbial diseases into the plant. Use sharp cutting tools and slice branches cleanly at an angle about 1/4 inch above the bud or branch fork.

Avoid Over Pruning

Over-pruning your cherry laurel can result in more harm than good. Do not prune below two-thirds of leafy growth as this will hinder its ability to photosynthesize properly leading to stunted growth or death. Also, avoid shearing off too much from one side during shaping as this could cause lopsidedness.


Pruning is vital for maintaining healthy cherry laurals; it improves their appearance while also promoting strong new growth. By following our guide on how to prune cherry laurel correctly, you can enjoy these beautiful shrubs/trees without worrying about overgrowth issues. Remember always to use clean, sharp cutting tools when working with your plants!