How To Prune Lantana In Summer For Maximum Growth & Flowering

Lantanas are a popular flowering plant that can add beauty to any garden or landscape. They come in a range of colors, from orange and yellow to pink and purple, and are easy to care for. However, like all plants, lantanas require regular pruning in order to maintain their health and appearance.

Pruning is especially important during the summer months when lantanas experience a growth spurt. In this blog post, we will discuss how to prune lantana in summer so you can keep your plants looking healthy and beautiful.

Why Prune Lantana?

Before we dive into the specifics of pruning lantana in summer, let’s first talk about why it’s necessary. Pruning helps promote new growth by removing dead or diseased branches. It also encourages bushier growth which leads to more blooms.

Additionally, pruning helps shape the plant so it looks aesthetically pleasing in your garden or landscape. Without proper pruning techniques, your lantana may become overgrown and lose its attractive form.

When should you prune?

Lantanas should be pruned regularly throughout the year but it’s especially important during summer when they’re actively growing. Aim for at least one major pruning session during June-August period followed by light maintenance trimming every 4-6 weeks as needed depending on their rate of growth

How To Prune Lantana In Summer

1) Start with sterilized tools – before you begin make sure yours shears have been cleaned with rubbing alcohol or bleach solution.Avoiding spreading disease between cuts is an essential part of maintaining healthy plants..

2) Remove dead stems – cut out any stems that appear browned,diseased or dried up from winter.The goal here is opening up space for new shoots while helping prevent disease development on foliage .

3) Eliminate crossing branches – Crossing stems create competition among each other making them rub against each other leading damage injure parts . Cut out stems that are crossing to the opposite sides of your plant.

4)Prune at 45 – degree angle – Make clean cuts on healthy stems by cutting them back at a 45-degree angle to encourage growth.

5)Don’t be afraid to cut heavily- Lantanas can tolerate heavy pruning, so don’t hesitate to prune it back significantly if necessary. You want your lantana plants no taller than 2 feet with a spread of maximum of three times its height. This will help promote bushier growth and more blooming.

6)Clean up after pruning – Remove all trimmings from around the plant base or surrounding soil before watering them again .This prevents attracting pests like rodents into garden areas .


Pruning is an essential part of maintaining healthy and attractive lantana plants in summer season.It helps promote new growth, remove dead or diseased branches, encourages bushier growth which leads to more blooms and shaping the plant for aesthetic appeal. Ensure you use sterilized tools when pruning ,eliminate crossed branches,cut at a 45-degree angle,don’t be afraid of making significant cuts,wash up afterwards,and water immediately after trimming.You’ll soon see beautiful new foliage shoot-ups as result!