How To Prune Mint Plants In Pots: A Step-by-Step Guide

Mint is a fantastic herb to grow in pots as they are easy to cultivate and require minimal maintenance. However, like any plant, mint requires regular pruning to keep it healthy and enhance its productivity. In this blog post, we’ll provide you with a step-by-step guide on how to prune mint plants in pots.

Why Prune Mint Plants?

Pruning your mint plants regularly helps promote new growth and prevents them from getting too tall or leggy. Regular pruning also ensures that the leaves remain fresh and flavorful throughout the growing season.

When Should You Prune Your Mint Plants?

The best time to prune your mint plants is early spring before new growth emerges. This enables the plant’s energy to focus on producing new shoots instead of maintaining old ones.

What Tools Do You Need for Pruning Mint Plants?

To get started, you’ll need clean hand pruners or sharp scissors that can easily cut through the stems without crushing them.

How Do You Prune Your Mint Plants?

1. Identify which stems need pruning

Start by examining your mint plant carefully and identifying any dead or diseased stems that need removing first. Look for browning tips, yellowing leaves or wilted stems as these are signs of damage caused due to fungal infections or lack of water/nutrients.

2. Cut back one-third

Using your hand pruner/scissors, cut back about one-third of the entire stem length just above a leaf node where there are tiny buds already forming below it but not at ground level; this spot is where most new growth will appear within days after cutting.

3. Remove unwanted parts

Remove any overcrowded sections by pinching out lower leaves on longer branches until there’s sufficient space between each leaf set so air circulates freely around all sides while still providing enough foliage area for photosynthesis (essential food-making process).

4.Watch Out For Flower Buds

Remove flower buds when present because they signal the end of peak flavor production for most types of mint. If you want a continuous supply of fresh leaves throughout the growing season, keep snipping off flower buds before they bloom.

5. Repeat pruning process

Continue cutting back stems one-third at a time every two to three weeks during the growing season until late summer when growth slows down considerably.


Pruning your mint plants are essential for maintaining their productivity and health. By following these simple steps outlined above, you’ll be able to keep your mint plant healthy and thriving all year round in its container pot.
Happy Pruning!