How To Prune Mums In Spring: A Step-By-Step Guide For Beginners

Mums, also known as chrysanthemums, are a popular fall flower that can add vibrant colors to any garden. However, proper pruning in the spring is essential for ensuring healthy growth and stunning blooms in the fall season. In this blog post, we will provide you with an in-depth guide on how to prune mums in spring.

Why Prune Mums?

Pruning your mums promotes new growth and encourages bushier plants with more blooms. It is especially crucial if you want to maintain your plant’s shape and prevent it from becoming too leggy or top-heavy.

When to Prune Mums?

The ideal time for pruning mums varies depending on where you live. In colder climates, early spring when the last frost has passed is the best time. If you reside in warmer areas where there isn’t much freezing weather during winter months, prune your mums back at least once every four weeks throughout their growing season.

How to Prune Mums?

1. Cut Back Dead Stalks

Start by cutting away any dead or yellowing stems close to their point of origin using sharp pruning shears. This helps remove old growth that doesn’t contribute anything positive while improving air movement around the plant.

2.Trimming The Tops

Next up is trimming off 1/3 of all remaining stems’ tops using clean-cutting shears without crushing them completely shut together. This encourages branching outwards instead of upwards while promoting fuller foliage development over time.

3.Divide Overgrown Plants

Mum plants that have become overgrown should be divided into smaller pieces before being replanted elsewhere within your landscape design plano avoid overcrowding issues later down the road.

4.Remove Leaves Around Bloom Buds

Any leaves located near blooming buds must be removed so they do not compete with energy resources need for producing larger flowers come autumn months ahead! Keep leaves no closer than six inches away from bud clusters.

5. Pinching

Pinch back young plant’s tips by about one inch to induce branching and bushiness. Use fingers, shears or scissors as preferred.


Pruning mums in spring is an essential gardening task that promotes healthy growth, fuller foliage while preventing leggy plants, and increasing your blooms in fall! Following the simple steps provided above will help you keep your chrysanthemum plants looking their best all season long!