How To Prune Mystic Spires: A Step-By-Step Guide For Beginners

If you have a garden, then you might be familiar with the Mystic Spires plant. This beautiful flowering shrub is popular among gardeners for its vibrant blue/purple flowers that bloom during the summer months. However, to make sure it remains healthy and looks its best, pruning is essential.

Pruning Mystic Spires plants can seem like a daunting task at first, but with a few simple steps and tips, it’s relatively easy to do.

When should you prune your Mystic Spire?

The ideal time to prune your Mystic Spire plant depends on your location and climate. In warmer climates or those without harsh winters, you can prune as early as late winter or early spring before new growth appears. On the other hand, in colder areas where winters are harsher and longer-lasting than in warmer places, wait until after the last frost has passed before pruning.

Tools needed for Pruning

Before we delve into how to prune mystic spires let’s take a look at some necessary tools required;

– Sharp pruning shears: A sharp pair of shears is essential when pruning any shrub because they reduce damage to the plant tissues.
– Gloves: It would help if you had gloves while pruning so that thorns from stems do not prick your skin.
– Disinfectant or Rubbing Alcohol: To avoid spreading disease from one section of the plant to another due to contact with contaminated tools
– Ladder (optional): If your mystic spire grows too tall for comfortable reach

How-to Guide on Pruning Your Mystic Spire Plant

1) Remove Deadwood:

Start by removing dead wood from around the base of each stem using sharp shears. Make clean cuts near where they join larger branches without damaging anything else.

2) Trim Long Branches:

Next up will be trimming long branches growing out from inside between two-shorter ones when these are interfering with each other’s growth pattern; this will help the plant grow symmetrically.

3) Cut Back Old Growth:

Mystic spires plants typically develop old growth that can make it an eyesore. You should cut back any stem that is over three years old to encourage the development of new shoots, which produce more flowers and leaves.

4) Reduce Height:

If your Mystic Spire has grown too tall or you want to keep it small for aesthetic reasons, then prune as needed. The rule of thumb is to remove one-third of the total stem length at a time so that you don’t shock the plant’s system with severe pruning cuts.

5) Remove Suckers

Sometimes mystic spires may produce suckers from around their base; these are unwanted shoots that draw nutrients and water away from other parts of the plant. It would be best if you removed them using sharp shears or simply by hand-pulling them out daily until they stop sprouting.


In conclusion, pruning your Mystic Spire Plant regularly promotes healthy growth and increased flower production while also maintaining its shape and size. By following our guide on how-to prune mystic spires, you’re sure to have a beautiful garden full of vibrant blue/purple flowers during summer months!