How To Prune Nandina Bushes: Step-By-Step Guide To Get The Best Results

Nandina, also known as heavenly bamboo, is a popular landscaping plant that can add beauty and texture to your yard. Proper pruning of nandina bushes is essential to keep them healthy and looking their best. Pruning not only creates an attractive shape but also helps the plant produce more blooms.

Here’s how to prune nandina bushes:


The best time to prune nandina bushes is in late winter or early spring before new growth appears. Avoid pruning during drought conditions or extreme heat.

Tools needed

-Sharp bypass pruners
-Loppers (if you have larger branches)

Step-by-step guide

1) Start by removing any dead or damaged branches from the base of the plant.
2) Identify any “suckers” growing from below ground level and remove them by cutting as close to the base as possible.
3) Next, identify old growth stems (these will be thicker than newer stems). Trim these back to about 6 inches above ground level.
4) Thin out crowded areas of the bush by removing several thin branches at their base (use loppers for thicker ones).
5) Lastly, prune back any long shoots that have grown beyond the desired height/shape of your bush.

Remember: don’t over-prune! Nandinas are forgiving plants, so if you make a mistake they will likely recover quickly. However, if you cut too much off at once it can cause stress on your plant which may impact its ability to thrive.

Final Thoughts

Pruning nandina bushes isn’t difficult when done properly – just take care not to remove too much foliage all at once. A well-maintained nandina can bring years of enjoyment with minimal effort spent on maintenance. With regular pruning every year or two, you’ll encourage new growth and a fuller, healthier plant. Happy pruning!