How To Prune Peperomia: A Step-By-Step Guide For Beginners

What is Peperomia?

Peperomia is an evergreen, herbaceous genus of plants from the Piperaceae family. They are native to tropical and subtropical regions of Central America, South America and Africa. These plants have thick succulent leaves that come in a variety of shapes, sizes and colors and can thrive in a wide range of conditions. Because they are so easy to care for, peperomias make excellent houseplants for beginners or experienced gardeners alike.

Why Prune Peperomia?

Pruning peperomia helps to keep them healthy by removing parts of the plant that have become too long or leggy or diseased due to over-watering. Additionally, pruning encourages new growth which leads to fuller looking plants with more foliage. Furthermore, it’s beneficial if you want your peperomias to take on a certain shape or form as it allows you to reshape the plant according to your desired aesthetic shape/design (e.g., lollipop shaped).

Tools Needed For Pruning Peperomia

To successfully prune your peperomi