How To Prune Pomegranate Trees For Maximum Yield & Healthy Growth


Pomegranate trees are known for their beautiful flowers and delicious fruit. However, in order to ensure a healthy and productive tree, it is important to know how to properly prune your pomegranate tree. Pruning can help control the size of the tree, encourage new growth, and allow for better air circulation and light exposure.

When should you prune?

The best time to prune a pomegranate tree is during its dormant season, which typically occurs between late fall and early spring. This allows the tree to heal quickly from any cuts made during pruning. It is also important not to prune your pomegranate too heavily or too often as this can weaken the overall health of the tree.

Tools needed for pruning

Before beginning any pruning activity on your pomegranate tree, it is essential that you have all necessary tools at hand. These include:

-Pruning shears: Used for smaller branches
-Loppers: Used for larger branches
-Saw: For thicker branches or trunks
-Gloves: To protect hands from scratches or cuts

Steps involved in pruning a Pomegranate Tree

1) Start by removing any dead or diseased wood.
2) Remove any crossing branches that may rub against each other causing damage.
3) Identify long shoots that grew out of last year’s branch tips; cut them down by two-thirds (⅔).
4) Shorten side shoots where desired by cutting back up close just above an outward-facing bud.
5) Thin out some weaker shoots if bush over-crowded with less than 10 cm between some shoots.
6) Cut off suckers that grow from roots – these will not produce good fruit anyway!
7) Remove unwanted vertical stems (watersprouts), small spindly growths along bigger limbs/shoots because they compete with stronger/fruitful nearby ones.


Pruning might seem intimidating, but it is a necessary and important task in keeping your pomegranate tree healthy and productive. Remember to always use proper tools, only prune during the dormant season, and don’t overdo it. By following these pruning tips for your pomegranate tree, you will be able to enjoy a fruitful harvest year after year.