How To Prune Sky Pencil Holly: A Step-By-Step Guide

Sky pencil holly is a popular evergreen shrub that can grow very tall and slim, making it an ideal choice for gardens with limited space or for bordering pathways. However, to maintain its slender silhouette and promote healthy growth, pruning is necessary. Pruning your sky pencil holly may seem like a daunting task at first, but by following these simple steps, you can keep your plant in great shape.

When to prune

The best time to prune Sky Pencil Holly is during the late winter or early spring season when there are no flowers or fruits on the shrub yet. This period allows the plant enough time to recover before entering into another growing season.

Tools needed

To properly prune your Sky Pencil Holly, you’ll need a few tools:
– Garden gloves
– Hand pruners
– Loppers (for thicker branches)

Make sure that all of your equipment is clean and sharp before use. Using dirty blades can cause damage to the plant tissue and dull blades will make it harder than necessary.

How much should be pruned?

When pruning Sky Pencil Holly trees or shrubs, always remember never to remove more than one-third of its overall size at any given time. As a general rule of thumb, aim for removing only dead wood or branches that cross over each other toward the center of the tree.

If you’re looking to reduce the height of your tree significantly then consider doing so gradually over several years rather than all in one go as this could shock the tree leading it towards stress which might impact negatively on its survival rate

Steps for pruning

1) Begin by putting on garden gloves.

2) Identify which limbs require trimming – Find out which areas have dead wood & Take note where two overlapping branches meet.

3) Remove dead wood – Cut off any dead or broken branches that you spot. Generally, dead wood will be grey and dry.

4) Thin the plant- After removing all of the dead wood, thin out any branches that are growing too close to each other

5) Control the height- using your loppers, prune back the tallest shoots by around a third in order to keep it at an optimal height.

6) Shape up – Trim excess foliage from where two overlapping branches meet.

After pruning care

After pruning your Sky Pencil Holly shrub, make sure to water it well for several weeks after pruning. The tree may require additional watering if there is a drought during its recovery period. Additionally, fertilize with a slow-release fertilizer like fish emulsion or blood meal once every year shortly after trimming.

In conclusion, pruning sky pencil holly is not as difficult as you might think; all it takes is patience and careful attention when handling gardening tools. By following these simple steps mentioned earlier in this article regularly, you’ll ensure that your plant grows strong while maintaining its attractive shape throughout different seasons of the year!