How To Prune Spirea Bridal Wreath The Right Way: A Step-By-Step Guide

Spirea Bridal Wreath is a beautiful deciduous shrub that produces cascading branches covered in masses of pure white blooms, making it a popular choice for homeowners and landscapers alike. However, like all plants, Spirea Bridal Wreath needs regular pruning to keep it healthy and looking its best.

Pruning helps to remove dead or diseased wood from the plant while promoting new growth, ensuring your Spirea remains full and lush year after year. In this blog post, we’ll take an in-depth look at how to prune Spirea Bridal Wreath so you can help your plant thrive.

When should you prune spirea bridal wreath?

The best time to prune Spirea Bridal Wreath is immediately after flowering has finished in late spring or early summer. This allows you to shape the plant without removing any potential flowers for next season. Pruning later than this may result in fewer blooms appearing the following year.

If needed, light pruning can also be done during the winter months when the plant is dormant. However, avoid heavy pruning during this time as it may cause stress on the shrub and affect its overall health.

Tools required for pruning spirea bridal wreath

Before beginning any pruning work on your Spirea Bridal Wreath, make sure you have all necessary tools ready:

– Sharp bypass pruners
– Loppers (for thicker branches)
– Handheld saw (if necessary)

It’s important to use sharp tools when pruning as blunt blades can damage the plant tissue and promote disease.

How to prune spirea bridal wreath

1) Remove dead or damaged wood

Start by removing any dead or damaged wood from the shrub using bypass pruners or loppers if needed. Cut back these branches until they meet healthy tissue.

2) Remove older branches

To promote new growth and maintain a fuller shape, remove some of the older branches from your Spirea Bridal Wreath. Identify which branches are the oldest by looking for thicker wood and fewer side shoots. Cut these back to ground level or just above an outward-facing bud or shoot.

3) Shorten long stems

If any stems have grown longer than desired, use bypass pruners to cut them back by about one-third of their length. This will help keep the plant compact while promoting bushier growth.

4) Thin out congested areas

Thinning out congested areas within the shrub will improve air circulation while reducing overcrowding. Use bypass pruners or loppers to remove up to one-third of the wood in these areas, cutting back to a healthy side shoot where possible.

5) Shape as needed

Finally, step back and assess your Spirea Bridal Wreath’s overall shape. If necessary, use bypass pruners to trim further and create a uniform appearance across all sides of the plant.


Pruning is essential for keeping your Spirea Bridal Wreath healthy and looking its best year after year. By following these pruning tips outlined above, you’ll be able to promote new growth while shaping your plant into an attractive feature that enhances any garden space.

Remember: always use sharp tools when pruning and avoid heavy pruning outside of late spring/early summer flowering season unless absolutely necessary!