How To Prune Summer Crush Hydrangea: An Easy Step-By-Step Guide

Summer Crush Hydrangea is a popular plant known for its luscious blooms and vibrant colors. Proper pruning is essential to maintain the plant’s health, control its size, and ensure it produces abundant flowers. Pruning hydrangeas can be intimidating, especially if you are new to gardening. In this article, we will guide you through how to prune Summer Crush Hydrangea step by step.

When should Summer Crush Hydrangea be pruned?

It is crucial to know when to prune your hydrangea before picking up your clippers. The best time to prune summer crush hydrangeas is in late winter or early spring while the plant is still dormant. This timing allows new growth and buds enough time to develop before blooming season.

Pruning Techniques for Summer Crush Hydrangea

1) Deadhead spent Flowers

To encourage a more extended bloom season of your Summer Crush hydrangea, deadhead any spent blooms regularly throughout the flowering period. Simply pinch off each flower head as soon as it begins fading or turning brown.

2) Remove Damaged Wood

Inspect your shrub regularly throughout the growing season for any damaged branches or stems that need removal immediately. To protect from disease spread or insect infestation; promptly remove such areas by making clean cuts with sharp pruning shears back down into healthy wood above leaf nodes.

3) Cut Back Old Growth

Summer Crush hydrangeas benefit from renewal pruning every few years because they tend to become leggy over time producing fewer flowers on older stems. You can cut back old stems at ground level in late winter/early springtime without harming plants’ overall health.

4) Thin Out Overcrowded Stems

Another technique involves thinning out overcrowded stem growth within an established shrub rather than cutting all old growth’ first method.’ Use sharpened garden shears and selectively snip some stems down at their base leaving others untouched.

How to Prune Summer Crush Hydrangea?

1) Gather Your Tools

Make sure you have all the necessary tools at hand. You’ll need pruning shears, gloves, and a ladder if your hydrangeas are taller than you can reach.

2) Remove Damaged or Diseased Wood

Begin by cutting out any diseased or damaged stems first using sharp pruning shears. Cut back below the affected area until healthy wood is exposed.

3) Cut Back Old Growth

Next, cut back old growth by removing one-third of old branches’ total height known as ‘renewal pruning.’ Use sharp garden shears and trim off at a 45- degree angle just above the nearest bud on each stem.

4) Thin Out Overcrowded Stems

Then remove overcrowded stems selectively with sharpened pruners by cutting them down near their base while allowing other stems to remain in place.

5) Shape Shrubs

Finally, shape your shrub into an aesthetically pleasing form by trimming stray shoots lengthwise instead of across their width when possible. Remember always to leave some leaves behind for plant health after every cut made!


Pruning summer crush hydrangea is easy once you get used to it. With proper techniques and timing, you can encourage abundant blooming and keep your plant healthy for years to come. So now that you know how best to care for this beautiful flowering shrub be confident and get started with its yearly maintenance!