How To Prune Weeping Mulberry Trees: A Step-By-Step Guide

Weeping mulberry trees are a beautiful addition to any garden or landscape. They have drooping branches that create an elegant and unique appearance. However, like all trees, they require proper maintenance to ensure their health and longevity. One essential aspect of caring for weeping mulberry trees is pruning.

Pruning is the process of cutting off dead, diseased or unwanted parts of a tree to encourage healthy growth and shape it according to your desired look. It also promotes better air circulation and reduces the risk of pests infestation. Here’s how you can prune your weeping mulberry tree:

When to Prune Weeping Mulberry Trees

The best time to prune weeping mulberry trees is during late winter when they’re dormant or early spring before new buds start growing out. Pruning during this season allows the tree enough time for fresh wounds to heal before summer arrives.

Tools Needed for Pruning

To effectively prune a weeping mulberry tree, you need some tools such as pruning shears (for small branches), lopping shears (for thicker branches), hand saws (for larger limbs) and gloves.

Steps in Pruning Weeping Mulberry Trees

1) Assessing Your Tree: Before starting with pruning cuts on your weepigmulberyitree,it’s vital firstto assess its overall condition.The first thingyoushould checkonis if thereare any obvious deador brokenbranches.These are easy targetsand should be pruned immediately.

2) Removing Dead Branches: With clean sharp pruners snip away atthe smalldeador diseasedbranches.Removeall brancjheswith yellow,brownorrustycoloredleavesthatmaybecauseof disease.Of course,diseasemaynotbe visibleatfirst,butwatchoutforevidenceof fungalorphysiologicalproblems.Thesewillbediscussedinthelaterpartsoftheblogpost.

3) Pruning Diseased Limbs and Branches:If the disease or any weak branch is spreading to other parts of your weeping mulberry tree, it requires urgent attention. Cut these branches a few inches below the affected area. However, if more than 50% of the limb is damaged then it’s advised that you remove the whole branch.

4) Remove Suckers: Suckers are small shoots that arise from around the base of your weeping mulberry tree. These can sap valuable energy fromthe main trunk which could cause harm to your plant in future.Remove them right at their base using sharp scissors.

5) Cutting Back Overgrown Branches: You might notice some overgrown branches on your weeping mulberry trees. A good technique would be to prune them gradually till they’re an appropriate size again.Neverjust chop off huge chunks,you should also alternate which sideyou pruneso as notto leaveitlookingcrookedandunbalanced.


Pruning helps promote healthy growth, maintain shape and prevent damage caused by diseases or pests on your beautiful Weeping Mulberry Trees. It’s essential always to inspect our plants frequently so you will know when it needs pruning.This way,it will save you time,money,andresourcesinordernottoloseanymorepartsofyourplantsorworse loosingthemaltogether.Apply these tips today for successful maintenanceofyourweepingmulberytree!