How To Revive A Frozen Aloe Plant: Step By Step Instructions

Aloe plants are a popular indoor plant that is known for its health benefits. It can be grown easily, but sometimes the plant may freeze due to extreme temperatures. So what do you do when your Aloe plant freezes? In this post, we will discuss how to revive a frozen Aloe plant.

Identify the problem

The first step in reviving a frozen Aloe plant is to identify if it has been affected by freezing temperatures. The leaves of an affected Aloe plant will look mushy and discolored or blackened on the outside. If you notice these symptoms, then your Aloe might have been damaged by cold temperatures.

Move it indoors

If your Aloe is still in the outdoor container, move it immediately indoors where there is enough warmth and sunlight. Choose a warm spot near a window that gets plenty of natural light as this helps increase chances of survival for an injured aloe plant.

Avoid watering too much

When trying to revive an injured  Aloa, overwatering can cause more damage than good; therefore avoid drastic changes from one extreme of moisture level to another with excessive watering or fertilization attempts which could lead towards rotting processes instead of healing processes for your poor little Aloa pal.

Treat any visible damages

Trim away any visibly damaged parts once they turn brown since these portions no longer serve any purpose except consuming the nutrients required by healthy foliage and roots elsewhere within their system.

Clear dead foliage

Remove all dead leaves so new growth can begin without being hindered – because there’s nothing worse than watching new greenery emerge against old brown debris!

Gently Remove Your Plant From Its Pot

If you need to move forward with repotting this fragile beauty-girl (or boy), use a spoon or trowel to loosen soil around the root ball, taking extra care not to damage roots as this would hinder healing efforts. Once the root ball is free from its container, shake off extra dirt and inspect for any hidden signs of trauma that you haven’t noticed previously.


Aloe plants are easy to grow and maintain but can be affected by cold temperatures. If your Aloe plant has been damaged by extreme weather conditions, follow these steps mentioned above on how to revive frozen Aloe plants. It’s essential to detect problems early so that they don’t escalate into more significant issues later on down the line—happy growing!