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How To use Cow Manure To Fertilize Your Land

If you are in the gardening then you are already familiar with the cow manures. Still, this is an article to say something about the cow manures. Cow manures are the cheapest and the most available manures in the field of organic faming.

The most important source of the cow manure is the cow dung. Cow dung is used as manure from the distant stone ages. Other than the cow dung, the cow urine and the bones or the horn of a dead cow is also used as the cow manure. Sometimes the dead bodies of the cow remained in the ground and it usually mixed up with soil to make it fertile.

Generally it is believed that the fertilization quality of the cow dung increases with the time. More time the cow dung gets to be rotten more the fertilization quality of its increases. According to the soil scientists, cow dung is not strong soil fertilization manure. It can only improve the soil quality a little bit. Again some researchers found that the cow dung sometime contains substances like E. coli O157: H7, which is very dangerous for the human beings as well as for some other creatures.

Generally due its low fertilization quality these cow manures are used to cultivate little trees like the flower plants or some of the small fruit plants. But these some external substances and reagents are mixed with the cow manures to increase the fertility quality of the cow manures. Rock phosphates and the pyrites are used for this purpose.

If you are fond of flower tree cultivation or something like that then you are advised to use the normal cow manures. 

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