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How To use Dairy Manure To Fertilize Your Land

Organic farming is one of the most successful methods of soil fertilization. Among all the used manures used in the field of organic farming here you will be informed about the dairy manures.

Manures that are made from the extracts of the dairy animals (such as cows, buffaloes, goats) are the main source of dairy manures. Sometimes the dead bodies of the dairy animals could act as manure by mixed up with the soil and make it fertile. The powdered bones or the horns of the dairy animals could be used as manure. Among all dairy manures cow dung is the most commonly used dairy manure.

Dairy manures could be could be handled in many different ways. The different types of manure handling methods are solid or conventional manure handling, liquid manure handling, slurry manure handling, anaerobic lagoon, removal of suspended solids, composting or the manures could be handled through the combinational method including all the mentioned handling methods. Among all the handling methods of the dairy manures composting is the most popular and accepted method. But the anaerobic lagoon method is getting popular day by day. Each of the mentioned methods could be performed in the following ways, which are collection, storage, processing or treatment, transport, and utilization.

Dairy manures are the cheapest form among all the manures available in the market. The farmers are choosing the dairy manures often if they want to fertile their ground soil in organic ways. While the dairy manures are cheap and affordable for the users, it is also the business of profit for the sellers. Dairy manure will be very useful for you if you are a home gardener.  

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