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How To use Horse Manure To Fertilize Your Land

Applying horse manures are the proved way of increasing the fertility of any types of land. This motto of this article is to inform you about the horse manures and its application in the field of organic farming.

It is necessary that horse owners take the responsibility to manage the horse manures because this is a profitable by-product of their industry. Presenting an interesting statistical figure for you. An average horse of some 1000 pounds of weight is able to produce some 9 odd tons of manure each and every year. Shocking! Isn’t it?

The proper management of the horse manures is essential. The horse manures could be managed through some different ways. The different ways of horse manure management are Composting (manures are removed in daily basis and composted), stockpile (manure are removed in daily basis and stored in piles), and daily land application (here also manures are removed in daily basis and spread on the cropland). The stockpile method is the most commonly used method.

Horse manures are used in the field of organic farming because it contains some good volumes of Nitrogen (19 pounds per ton), Phosphorus Pent oxide (14 pounds per ton), and Potassium Dioxide (36 pounds per ton), which are very useful to make a land fertile. The proper amount of horse manure application is most essential. Don’t apply manures within the 150 meters of any water land. Mixing the manures with soil (manually/instrumentally) is the better option since the components of the horse manures are volatile in nature.

You may use the horse manures in your land but one safety advice is for you! Don’t overuse it!

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