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How To use Organic Manure To Fertilize Your Land

Manures are the matters, is used in organic farming to make soil fertile. Among all types of manures you will be informed about the organic manures here in this short stretched article.

Basically, organic manures are the manures, which are made from cattle dung like cow dung, excreta of some other animals, crop residues, some of the rural or urban composts, some other animal wastes like the dead bodies of different animals, and also the green manures. Organic manure is already tested and universally accepted material to improve the fertility and productivity of the soil of any ground.

You may divide the organic manures in two different groups. First one is called the Farm Yard Manures. These types of organic manures are greatly available in market. Generally, the cattle dung or like materials are used as the Farm Yard Manure. The other type is known as the compost manure. These manures are availed through the method of Composting. Composting is a procedure to reduce the vegetable & animal wastes to some utilizable condition to improve and maintain the soil fertility. Composting could be through aerobic or anaerobic methods. Some parameter should be considered in this type of manures. Some of the important parameters are C: N ratio of feed, moisture content, pH control, heap size, agitation, activator, and particle size etc.

Now green manure is also an important form of organic manure. If you want to know the advantages of the organic, then here we are mentioning some of them. Using organic manure u could improve soil properties like soil porosity, hydraulic conductivity, infiltration rate etc. Now if u r tensed about the soil condition of your ground you may go for the organic manures.

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