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How To use Poultry Manure To Fertilize Your Land

Among all the manures produced by the livestocks, poultry manures are undoubtedly the best. While the poultry manures are very useful object in organic farming, it also can create a profitable business for the poultry owners, if the resources are handled properly.

For your information, poultry consists of some birds like turkey, hens, cocks, and ducks etc. The wastes of those could be used as the manures and these manures could be used in organic farming in very well manner. Generally two types of poultry manures could be found. They are the solid manures and the liquid manures. It seems that the performance of the solid poultry manures are better than the liquid poultry manures due to the solid ones are less moisture.

The poultry manures should be handled in very proper and systemic way. The handling procedure of the poultry manures contains four different components. The different components are Collection (the way of collection of the wastes), Storage (storing the wastes for next steps), Treatment (mixing some external agents to the wastes) and Utilization or the Disposal (using the made manures after treatment in organic farming).

When the poultry manures are spread in lands to make it more fertile you have to keep some facts in your mind. The poultry manures should be used in proper season and proper time. The amount of manure for a ground should follow the principle of Nutrient Management. Don’t over use the poultry manures in your field. Otherwise it could harm you land. Consult the agricultural specialists before applying these poultry manures in your grounds if possible.

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