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Increase in Greenhouse gases leading Global Warming

People might have heard about greenhouse gases and their effects in our environment during their school days, read in daily news papers or might have heard in news channels. It is really imperative for each one of us to understand the effects of greenhouse gases as it has direct relation with the impact on our environment. But prior to know about dissimilar greenhouse gases, more important thing to know by us is its formation. There are number of gases exhibit greenhouse properties, some of them which occur naturally and others are created by humans;

Carbon Dioxide

The most common greenhouse gas is carbon dioxide. Upon burning any fossil fuel such as oil or natural gas, carbon dioxide is released in the environment and even when trees, plants or any sort of wood products are burnt, the level of carbon dioxide flows in the atmosphere. There is only one way to reduce carbon dioxide from our environment is planting more and more green trees.

Methane Gas

Methane gas is another group of greenhouse gas. The presence of this gas is harmful for the environment and damages the natural surroundings. Methane gas is released more by farming practices and places that hold waste also produce great amount of methane gas.  

Nitrous oxide

This greenhouse gas is really hazardous and is release freely into the environment due to many activities. Some of the activities by which nitrous oxide gets released are throughout burning various fuels, burning landfills containing waste, and industrial parks.

There are many other combines in the atmosphere of earth which act as ‘greenhouse gases’. These gases let sunlight to get enter in the environment freely. Sunlight, when strikes in the earth’s atmosphere, most of it are reflected back as infrared radiation. Over time, with the increasing amount of greenhouse gases, the amount of the heat send from sun would be identical to the amount of heat reflected back to the space, making the temperature of the earth roughly constant. You have to understand that the greenhouse gases, with several other ingredients, results in adverse effect such as global warming that can lead our environment to be unsafe to reside in. When hazardous greenhouse gases entered in our environment through various source are responsible to warmer its temperature and alter weather conditions. The increase in sea level will lead atmosphere getting warmer and water will more enclose the earth. This indicates dangerous storms in the form of hurricane and tornadoes. Therefore, to protect the earth and ourselves, it is important for all of us to play important part in reducing the formation of greenhouse gases. As a matter of fact, about 25 percent of greenhouse gases increased due to large-scale industrialization and burning fossil fuels.

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