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Plastic greenhouses – a paradise for gardeners

Plastic greenhouses are a paradise for gardeners as they are full of vegetables, herbs and gorgeous plants that are shielded from the roving destructive animals and insects and other natural elements like sun, wind and rain. Plastic greenhouses are available in many styles which give a world class experience of gardening to growers.

Plastic greenhouses are very popular among commercial plant growers as these structures can be economically and quickly constructed. Heating and irrigation equipments are easy and sound to install in the plastic greenhouses. The biggest advantage with these green houses is that the flora can be easily and efficiently transferred using automated equipment which helps to lower the costs further. Thus these kinds of greenhouses are a boon for the commercial growers.  

Plastic greenhouses are ideal even for the home gardeners as these are promptly built structures which are best for growing seasonal flower gardens and vegetables. Generally the plastic greenhouses are Quonset styled that is they have a solo layer of the plastic film. But the quality of plastic to be used depends upon the utility of the structure. If you have to use the house for a short span of time then an expensive film will serve the purpose effectively and efficiently.

The greenhouse effect is very convenient in the polycarbonate fabricated greenhouses. Small sized propane heaters work in a good way to cater to the needs as well as the requirements of heating. But kerosene heaters must be avoided as the vapors emitted through these heaters are not healthy for the plants and kill them very quickly.

Following are some of the qualities that must be there in a plastic greenhouse when you go to buy them:

  1. The greenhouse cover should have resistance from breakdown for a long time so that you do not have to invest money frequently.
  2. The plastic greenhouse cover should impede or block the nocturnal break out of the accumulated heat.
  3. The plastic greenhouse should be transparent to radiations that promote photosynthesis.
  4. The greenhouse structure should be resistant proof to various external forces like hail and objects like hail pellets.

Apart from the essential properties, following are listed some of the important properties that make the plastic greenhouse an ideal one:

  1. Diffused light: the diffused light in the greenhouse can promote the process of photosynthesis in a better way.
  2. Anti drip: this property helps to prevent the formation of large water drops on the internal surface of film cover. This increases the visibility to the naked eyes.
  3. Blocking ultraviolet rays: this is a tremendously good property which has vital implications with the film stabilization and pest management.
  4. No dust accumulation: dust accumulation on the film reduces the transparency of the film and penetration of the green house gases by around 40%.

Prevent mist formation: films with anti drip stabilizer reduce the chances of formation of the mist. This helps greatly to avoid the damages that are usually caused by mist and fog to the gardener.  

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