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Understanding Greenhouse effects

Greenhouse effect is a situation where the earth’s atmosphere can no longer hold the solar radiation caused by an excessive presence of methane, carbon dioxide and water vapour in the atmosphere. These gases allow the sunlight to go through the atmosphere but absorb the heat emitted back from earth’s surface. A proper understanding of greenhouse effects is important so as to control it. One of most important as well as man-made causes of the Greenhouse effect is deforestation. In general deforestation raises the amount of carbon dioxide in the air. And due to the lack of trees and plants, photosynthesis process cannot happen. At present deforestation is out of control because of the increase in human evolution. Since past few years deforestation levels have increased by about 9%. Also global warming has become a serious subject of concern. Various man-made machines contribute considerably to Global Warming. One main reason of global warming is the greenhouse effect.

How we contribute or add up in Greenhouse Effects:  

As we know that greenhouse effects is a vital environmental requirement for existence on the Earth. But the problem starts when the individual activities try to distort and disturb this universal process by making extra greenhouse gases in our atmosphere. This is how we contribute to greenhouse effect:

1. By blazing natural gases like coal or oil. Also the gasoline used in automobile engines increases the carbon dioxide level in the air.

2. There are few agriculture practices plus terrain-use changes that tend to increase methane and nitrous oxide levels.

3. Also some factories emit -out harmful industrial gases and contribute to greenhouse effect as well as global warming.

4. Deforestation is also a big contributor to global warming. As we know that trees and plants take in carbon dioxide and emit oxygen that further helps in creating a good gas balance in our atmosphere. As more trees are cut-down for wood or for doing any farming activity, there are only few trees left to do this essential function.

5. Increase in the population rate is an important factor that leads to global warming. This is because if the population rate is high then more people will contribute to the greenhouse effect in some or the other way.

Preventive and Possible Solutions for the greenhouse effect:

There are some possible solutions for reducing greenhouse effects like by reducing the use of fossil fuels will significantly decrease the amount of carbon dioxide and at the same time it will reduce the pollutants’ level that cause acid rain. This is possible by either using little energy altogether or by using substitute energy sources. You can save energy in a number of ways like:

1. Always switch off the lights before you leave the room and make use of energy saver bulbs.

2. If you own a car then avoid using it for short trips. Whenever possible just leave your car at home and instead use any other public means of transportation.

3. Plant trees and tell the same to others. Trees soak up the carbon dioxide present in air and also protect the flora and fauna.

4. If you go to purchase coffee or chocolate then select organic versions.

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